2020 Extravaganza

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About the Event

Join us July 23-26, 2020 to celebrate with fellow alumni during our Extravaganza! Live music, food and good company will be the theme of the weekend.  Plan your class reunions in conjunction with the event!  Fundraisers will be held throughout 2018, 2019 and 2020 to help defray costs of the event.  Watch the Alumni website for fundraiser announcements.  Make plans now to attend!

Schedule of Events

2020 Extravaganza Weekend Schedule (Tentative)

UPDATED 11/12/2019

Thursday, July 23

All Day- Set up your tent space

5PM-9PM Alumni Tent-Registration, Information, Merchandise, etc.

5PM-9PM Yearbooks on display- Ticonderoga Heritage Museum

5PM-10PM Food Vendors

5PM-10PM Local Musicians – Ticonderoga Festival Guild

Friday, July 24

All Day- Set up your tent space

1PM-9PM Alumni Tent- Information, Merchandise, etc.

5PM-7PM Alumni Awards Ceremony at the Best Western

5 PM-10PM Food Vendors

7PM-11 PM Music by Bad Chaperones in the Park

Saturday, July 25

All Day- Set up your tent space

1PM- 9PM Alumni Tent- Information, Merchandise, etc.

8AM-5PM Alumni Golf Tournament – Ticonderoga Golf Club

2PM-3PM Slideshow Presentation by William G. Dolback – LaChute Hall, Community Building

3PM-7PM Pep Rally Activities, Parade of Classes, Photo Opportunities, LaChute Walking Tours, Children’s Activities

4:30 PM Alumni Mass at St. Mary’s

5PM-10PM Food Vendors

6PM-10PM Music by Ruby Shooz

10PM Fireworks

Sunday, July 26

8AM-11AM Breakfast Buffet at the ELKS Club Cost $9.00

Time ?  – Alumni Run – LaChute Road Runners

12PM-1PM Tour of the High School; Planetarium Show – Ticonderoga High School

1PM-2PM Slide Show presented by Mark Wright – Ticonderoga High School Auditorium


Thank you to all of the donors who have contributed to the “$20 for 2020” campaign!

Nancy Abbott-Hourigan
Carolyn Andersen
Cheryl Anderson
Jessica Arnold ’95
Peggy Armstrong
Frances Arthur
William Arthur
Mark Baker
James Barnaby
Jamie Barnhill
John & Joanne Bartlett
Margo & Tony Bartolomeo
Margie Cross
Jeanne & Richard Bennett Jr.
Bill & Sandie Bolton
Cari Boyce
Steve & Sylvia Boyce
Pam & Bud Bresett
John Burke
Sherrie & Liz Burleigh
Tom Burleigh
Tom Burns
Paul & Mary Lloyd Burroughs
Rebecca Byrne
Anne & Leonard Charboneau
Kevin Charboneau
Melvin Charboneau
Paul Charboneau
Ron & Lori Clark
Molly(Austin) Conner
Barbara & Doug Cossey
Laurie & Matt Cossey
Nancy Countryman
Margie Cross
Crown Point Network Tech
Tom & Jill Cunningham
Judith & Arthur Dean Sr
Bob & Annette Dedrick
Alan Densmore
Gray & Sue Densmore
Sue Derr
Jean Dick
Darlene Dickinson
William Dickinson
Mary Diskin-Mattison
Bill Dolback
Dean & Anita Dolbeck
Ron & Pat Dolbeck
Carole Donovan
James Donovan
Howard & Sharon Drake
Charlene Dreimiller
John & Anne Dreimiller
Marcy &  Matt Dreimiller
Gary Drinkwine
Molly Dryden
Patricia Dziuba
Cynthia B. Ellison
William & Christine Fahey
Dave Ferguson
Jay & Deb Fortino
Don & Rikki Galusha
Chuck & Jackie Gijanto
Charles & Nancy Goff
John Gonyea
Coleen Graney
Barb & Jerry Greer
Mary & Tim Griffin
Dick & Patty Gunning
Lois Gunning
Jason Hall
David Hanchette
sally Hayes
Andrea Herbert
Carol Hirst
Rosemary Hudon
Susanne Huestis
Marjorie Hurlburt
Greg & Carol Johnson
Linda Joiner
Tom Joubert
Isabelle (Gijanto) Kingsley
Gary Knight
Steve & Terry ( Donovan) Kroner
Kevin & Jane Kuhl
Virginia LaPointe
John & Bonnie Leerkes
Sue & Dick Liddell
Doug & Angela MacAlpine
Richard & Ruth Malaney
Chris & Janet Mallon
Chuck & Sharon ( Vilardo) Maneri
Kathy & Jim Marshall
Chuck Maxwell
John May
Deborah McCarthy
Anne & John McDonald
John & Andrea McDonald
John Mero
Wendy & Bill Michalak
Allen & Sharon Moore
Randy & Peggy Moore
Ron & Claire Moore
John E. Morette
Robert Morette
Mary Pat (Walsh) Musselman
Lindsay Mydlarz
Richard  & Peggy Nadeau
Gilda Namer
Mike & Nancy Newhall
Carol Palandrani
Barb & Brad Peria
Barbara Perkins
Bonnie Perry
Nancy (Bartlett) Petersen
Patricia Pheil
Cheryl Phinney
Evelyn Pinto
Marc & Barbara Porter
Thomas R. Porter
Francis &  Mary Price, Jr.
Howard & Sue Rathbun
Pete & Lynne Reale
Greta Reinhold
Georgette Rogers
Dave & Chris Ross
Robb Ross
Andy& Julianne Russell
Bill & Marcia Ryan
Minnie Ryan
Mary Schaffer
Patricia  Shultz
James Sharkey
Wendy Shaw
Anne & Paul (Victor) Smith
Ken & Patricia Smith
Tammy & Jerry Smith
Terry & Chris Smith
Tom Stanilka
Cheryl (Stevenson)Saposnick
Ron & Kathy (Morette) Schubin
Tim Stanilka
Maria Stitt
Linda(Gravelle) St.Peter
Ann T. Tanyeri
Sue Thatcher
Tom Thatcher
Betty & John TeRiele Sr.
Betty F. Thompson
Bob Thompson
Stevan & Dixie Thorpe
Darlene & Harry Treadway
William Treadway
Sandra ( Ferguson ) Trepanier
Grace Trombley
Jackie & Bill Trombley
Francis Trudeau
Michael Tucker
Karla & Mike Vigliotti Jr
Mary Vigliotti
Jim & Connie Wells
Francis & Carlene Wendell
Bob & Pam Whitford
Mary Williams
Wagon Wheel Restaurant
Paula & Barry Wilson
 Virginia Wood
John Wright
Nate Yaw
James Zambardino


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